April 18,2013

The Image of Royalty and Bravery—Lion Iron on Transfer Designs

Lions are always more than an animal species. Now when we mention lions we always think their cultural depictions more than the animal themselves. Lions have been an important symbol for thousands of years and appear as a theme in cultures across Europe, Asia and Africa. Despite of the recording of the attacks on humans, lions enjoy positive depiction in popular culture as creatures that appear strong, but gentle at the same time. The most consistent depiction is in keeping with their image of “king of the jungle” or “king of the beasts”, hence lions are popular symbols of royalty and stateliness and a symbol of bravery.

As for our lion iron on collections, we have different types of lions for different usages. We have a major theme of lion’s head group. For as most people know, the most extinguish feature of lions are the male lions mane, thus for the lion head designs we all have lions’ head with rich mane to create a stately look of the image. Such images if not only suitable for a t-shirt front, it also looks good on a canvas bag. 

Apart from the head designs, we also have the complete image of lions. The body usually shows a ready attacking gesture with the lion roaring and muscles twisting. Such image creates a threatening and powerful feeling, also accents the beauty of power. 
Another creative design is very interesting. It is a lion and a lamp lying quietly together. The predator shares a peaceful time with the prey. This is a very interesting image but this reminds people of the recent vampire theme, usually the predator falls in love with the prey sort of thing.
The last group is for children. We have some cute and funny lion patterns for little children. For this group we adopt a lively cartoon mode of the lions and used some lively colors to show an energetic and healthy figure for young children.
While introducing the lion iron on transfers to your customers, do not forget to introduce some famous ancient lion figures to attract their attention. Such as the Ancient Egypt the sphinx, who had the head and shoulders of a human and the body of a lioness, always asking people a riddle. Those who can not answer her riddle would be killed and eaten by this ravenous monster. Or some famous images such as the guardian lions in the Forbidden City of China or even the lion image in some countries’ flags. 
Visit our product link to see more lion iron on designs https://www.cstown.com/lion-transfers/
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