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Gabby Swisher
Gabby Swisher

Buy rhinestone hot fix at wholesale prices

Hi! Just wondering if you could let me know if we could buy at the wholesale prices as we are retailers as we are wanting to use the rhinestone hot fix etc. on hats caps clothing etc as being wholesale as I realize any one can buy retail but that is of no
in Cooperation with CSTOWN - 3 answer - 2980 Day ago
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Yes, dear customer. We can establish a long-term cooperation. If you are interested in a long-term cooperation with us, we can not only offer our stock rhinestone transfers at wholesale prices, but also give you other bonus to better serve you, such as providing individual custom designing service, sending our monthly new collection samples to you, setting up discount account, sharing advertising platform with us, etc. We hope to offer you the best products and service. Look forward to hearing from you!

2980 Day ago
They are a very nice wholesale rhinestone transfer supplier. They produce very great transfer products and the prices r really cheap. U r totally right to buy frrom them. I have been with them for a long time and never bad orders. The sales reps r very helpful. U can ask them questions whatever u want to know! Good luck!

2983 Day ago
Yes Gabby. As a matter of fact, we mainly cooperate with business customers and provide products at wholesale prices. We don't sell our hotfix rhinestone transfers directly to individual customers. We only wholesale them to store owners and other people who purchase them for company use. If you are interested in getting quotes, please welcome to contact us at China head office by phone calls at Tel: 86-411-39769160 / 39769161, fax at 86-411-39769355, email to rhinestone@cstown.com. Or you can contact our US office at: USA (After-sale Support) Tel: (702) 567-0047(only for business owners) Contact: Jerry Diamond Address: 2880 Bicentennial, Ste.100-232 Las Vegas, NV 89044 Email: jerry.cstown@gmail.com Hope we can help you! Everyone deserves to shine!

2983 Day ago
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