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Here is the listing of 2022 Chinese public holidays

• New Year: Jan.1-Jan.3
• Spring Festival: Jan.31-Feb.6
• Tomb-Sweeping Day: Apr.3-Apr.5
• Chinese Labor Day: Apr.30-May.4
• Dragon Boat Festival: Jun.3-Jun.5
• Middle Autumn Day: Sep. 10-Sep.12
• Chinese National Day: Oct.1-Oct.7

During these public holiday dates, all shipping companies are closed. Please allow extra time for any rush orders that are needed in holiday periods because of the shipping situation.

What is a Hot-Fix transfer or Rhinestone Motif?
"Hot-fix" refers to elements with heat activated glue that requires heat to bond it to fabric. The finished design has many names. It is called a "heat transfer", "transfer", "hot fix transfer", "rhinestone heat transfer", rhinestone motif", or "crystal transfer". The "transfer" portion of the name refers to the fact that with heat and pressure, the design is transferred to fabric.

What elements do you offer?
We offer Swarovski, DMC stones, lead free stones, Korean stones, rhinestud, nail heads ( round and shaped), antique metal ( round and shaped), half round studs, epoxy faceted, pyramid, glitter, sequins, transfer tape, templates, patches (embroidered, felt, chenille) and heat transfer.

What is a Swarovski crystal?
Swarovski is the brand name for a range of precision-cut crystal glass produced by Swarovski AG of Wattens, Austria. It is more brilliant than a Korean rhinestone and is therefore more expensive.

What is a rhinestud?
Rhinestuds are metallic; however, they are faceted to take on the shape of a rhinestone or crystal so they do sparkle.

What is the difference between a rhinestone, crystal and rhinestud?
Rhinestones, the most commonly used element, are made from glass. They have luster and work well for most projects. Rhinstud are metallic and have a rhinestone shape but less sparkling than rhinestones and also less expensive than rhinestones. Swarovski Crystal Elements are the most expensive element. Because of their patented cutting process, that product has the most sparkle of any hot-fix rhinestone. It is also available in most colors.

How long will my rhinestone transfers last?
If cared for properly and applied correctly, the design will last the life of the garment.

What are your charges for custom designs?
There is no setup or design fee for custom designs that meet our MOQ no matter how complex the design. We charge according to the quantity, type, and color of the hot-fix product requested. The number of different products within a design also affects the price. Shipping fees are quoted separately.

Do you out source the designing or manufacturing?
No, all steps from designing through production are done at the CSTOWN facilities.

What is your turnaround time?
On the average, it takes 24-48 hours for a layout and quote to be sent and about 3 business days for production of a typical order.

Do you have any minimum purchase requirements?
Since our products are priced on a low, wholesale basis, we require that 6 pieces per design (for stock, website designs) and 12 pieces per design (for custom designs) be ordered. The more you order, the more discount you will get.

How do I get the prices?
For a stock design, provide the item number. For custom designs, provide as much information as possible: artwork in most formats (pdf, jpeg, ai, cdr, etc), size (completed height and width), location (chest, pocket, back), colors if not obvious, materials to be used and quantity as this will affect the quote. Discounts are available for quantity purchases. Unless specified, quotes do not include shipping. That figure is provided separately.

Intellectual Property
CSTOWN respects the intellectual property of others, we have strict procedures to make our designs. To avoid any infringement may happen on our site, we respond quickly to concerns of rights owners about any alleged infringement (including trademark, logo or any form of intellectual property) . To claim copyright infringement, please submit your complaint to rhinestone@cstown.com . Once approved, we will handle the matter in a timely manner.

Using professional, college, and corporate custom designs for the purpose of profiting from the identity of those designs requires a license. The unauthorized use of registered trademarks and copyrighted logos or designs is illegal. When manufacturing products which incorporate these logos or trademarks , we assume that you have obtained permission.

We do, however, reserve the right to ask for written confirmation of this permission. We accept no liability for any unauthorized use of such material. We reserve the right to refuse to cut and/or design a dealer's order or parts of an order which are deemed to be offensive or which may allegedly be in violation of any legal statute.

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