Iron-On Material


This is a thin foil-like material with smooth shining surface. It’s sold by roll and can be cut into any shape. Being lead free and eco-friendly, it is safe for babies’ garments.



UH-1 UH-1
UH-2 UH-2
UH-3 UH-3
UH-4 UH-4
UH-5 UH-5
UH-6 UH-6
UH-7 UH-7
UH-9 UH-9
UH-1 UH-10
UH-12 UH-12
UH-13 UH-13
UH-20 UH-20
UH-21 UH-21


US-1 US-1
US-2 US-2
US-3 US-3
US-4 US-4
US-5 US-5
US-8 US-8
US-10 US-10
US-12 US-12
US-14 US-14
US-15 US-15
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