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How can I get wholesale pricing? Do the rhinestones fall off after washing?

How can I get wholesale pricing? Do you make rhinestone transfers then I just iron them onto the shirts? Do the rhinestones fall off after washing?
in Cooperation with CSTOWN - 4 answer - 3017 Day ago
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As far as you are a business customer, we can sell you at wholesale price. And the rhinestone transfers produced by CSTOWN is very sticky. Tests show that our transfers can bear over 20 washes without falling or breaking. So why not give it a try!

3017 Day ago
Hi Hirsi! If you want a quotation of our stock rhinestone transfers, please contact our Sales rep. for it. As the materials, sizes and quantity uncertainty and due to industry price changing, we don't show prices on our website. Sorry for the inconvenience. But you are welcome to contact us for any information you want to know through emails, phone calls, live chat and leaving messages. Thank you for your support to us!

3052 Day ago
Their minimum order quantity is 6 pieces. U ask the sales representative for wholesale pricing. Washing fall off problem, as they told me, their transfers can stay sticky after 20 washes. Have not tried with the exact times of washing, but till now, maybe about 10 washes with washing machine, it's just fine.

3058 Day ago
Hi, Hirsi! Yes, we sell rhinestone transfers to business customers with wholesale prices. Once you decide what and how many you want, we can send you the quotes. And if you want something customized, we can do the custom designing for free. Our rhinestone transfers are high quality ones, which are awarded certificate of 20 washes durability without color fading or stone cracking. So you don't need to worry about falling off after washing. Hope to hear from you soon! Have a nice day!!

3064 Day ago
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