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Reggie Torres
Reggie Torres

How could I iron on the tshirts myself?

Hi. :) I am looking to order some iron ons, I'm not sure how this works. Do I use an ironing board and iron at home and iron them on the tshirts myself?
in Iron on Transfers Knowledge - 2 answer - 2753 Day ago
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Hi Reggie! Thank you for your insulting in CSTOWN. If you have heat press machine, it is easy to operate. Only put the smooth cloth on the machine, everything will be done by the heat press. You can also use home iron to iron the rhinestone transfer on your cloths or anything else. You should pay attention the iron should be pre-heated and with no stream( you can put a thick item at the back to isolate direct touch with rhinestone transfer, the stream can make the t-shirt wet and that's bad to the application). Hold iron for five seconds. Wait for secs to make sure the transfer paper is cool down. Then peel the paper carefully and slowly. You will get a fantastic result you operate by yourself and own the perfect products as you can see on the website!

2753 Day ago
Hi Reggie, Thank you for your interest in CSTOWN. Yes, you can totally use your iron to apply iron on rhinestone transfers to your tshirts. But only with the dry mode. No steam. After well pre-heated, use the iron to press the back of the transfer paper. Leave it on for 5 seconds each time. It’s better to put a piece of thin cloth in the between to avoid the transfer paper or the image getting burned by the heat. Then move the iron back and forth a little bit during ironing to make sure the whole image is evenly heated especially the edges. Wait for about 3 minutes and allow the transfer paper to cool. Remove the transfer paper from the transferred image gingerly and slowly. And there you get your perfect rhinestone transfer t-shirt. Hope above info assists. Any other questions, please don't hesitate to contact us.

2771 Day ago
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