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how to make custom iron ons

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To customize your t-shirt, a firm and heat resistant board is needed, where to lay your shirt out. A firmer surface also helps the rhinestones a lot to adhere to your T-shirt. Once you have laid out the shirt on the board and the clothes are in place, decide the desirable location of your design. Then, place a cover cloth on the inside of the shirt where you want to iron on the design.
Your custom bling transfer will have a white backing paper that you should peel off at this moment. Put the adhesive-side down on the shirt and take another cover cloth to cover the rhinestone design, and then press the iron down for about 15 seconds. Remember not to move the iron around as movement leads to crystals to move at the same time. After that, turn the shirt inside out and put the cover cloth in-between the front and back of the shirt like before. Cover the area where the rhinestone design is with the second cloth and press it again with the iron.
Once cooled, the glue shall be bonded to the shirt. Remove the plastic paper from the motif.

1724 Day ago
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