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Anybody knows the quality of CSTOWN's transfers?

I want to buy some transfers to diy shirts for my birthday party's present to my friends. If the quality is poor, it may be very embarrassing
in Cooperation with CSTOWN - 1 answer - 1611 Day ago
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Dear Hazel, CSTOWN is always the best choice for you. We have the superior quality and affordable prices. No matter what the product, if it is from CSTOWN, you will see the luster it gives off. Dress CSTOWN, dress the charming luster emitted by each inch of these amazing materials. You will easily see the differences of the materials between CSTOWN and others. We devote to offering the best quality materials. The rhinestones chosen by CSTOWN are with high brilliance and clear cut facets. Seeing is believeing. Contact us for a free sample pack and find how shiny CSTOWN’s rhinestones are. Enjoy yourself making choice of what you like best for your birthday party!

1611 Day ago
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