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Sassan Rahbari
Sassan Rahbari

What is the material of the pattern, optimum depth and diameter of the holes for a rhinestone size 10 and what tool do you use to sweep the rhinestones on the pattern?

in Iron on Transfers Knowledge - 2 answer - 3137 Day ago
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I think the quizzer wants to ask about the manufacturing process of the rhinestone transfer, not just about the materials of the products. The workers first use a laser to drill holes (that’s the image of the design) on a cardboard. Then they sweep the rhinestones into the small holes with a brush, if that’s what you ask. I also hear that sometimes they use a piece of cloth to do the sweeping, too. Then the well arrayed rhinestones are moved onto a piece of white or yellow sticky plastic paper from the cardboard. At last, cover the pattern with a clear plastic paper holding the rhinestones and other materials in place. Hope above is helpful!

3137 Day ago
The pattern itself, we usually call it "transfer". Rhinestone Transfers are what we produce and sell. There are several different materials for producing these transfers. We usually use materials such as rhinestones, rhinestuds, half round studs, naiheads, antique metals, c-stones, hot-fix sequiens, glitters, holofoils, etc. The most common used ones are rhinestones, glitters and rhinestuds.

3146 Day ago
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