Chameleon heat transfer sticker


The chameleon ink made from special chameleon powder and imported polyurethane gold oil is widely used in anti-counterfeiting. After printing, the color of chameleon ink will show different 3D effects according to the different observation angles.


The photochromic is develped according to the market demand with color changing character by us CSTOWN have color film, according to customer requirements, it can be hot peeling, cold peel or hot & cold peeling.

Multicolor heat transfer sticker
Multicolor heat transfer sticker

General Parameters

Main material Chameleon powder,PU,gold ink,PET release film
Applicable fabrics Most of fabric like cotton,polyester,acrylic fiber and others elastic fabric
Thickness 100UM-120UM
Specification Customized Size
Wash@40℃ Excellent
Washing Test More than 20times(30mins/time)
Certificate SGS Enviromental Certificate

Details about Trade Order

Refund 7 day Risk-free Return for Refund.
Delivery DHL, UPS(delivery time is 3 business days.)
Payment Paypal, Credit Card, T/T, Check
  • Can be modified free of charge 1 time
    Can be modified free of charge 1 time.
  • to provide artwork design services
    to provide artwork design services.
  • Offering professional one-on-one service
    Offering professional one-on-one service.
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