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Fleur Morris
Fleur Morris

what is the difference in c stone, koren rhinestone and chi-korean rhinestone ?

in Iron on Transfers Knowledge - 2 answer - 2729 Day ago
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Hi, Fleur! Thank you for your interest in our production. The most popular products is Korean rhinestone because of its appropriate price and perfect quality. C- stone is brighter than others. You can choose these different materials according your intended use, please click here to connect our rep. Have a nice day! ---- CSTOWN Customer Service Team

2729 Day ago
Hi, Fleur! Korean rhinestone sells better than the others and it is also our best selling materials. C-stone is brighter than the others, then Korean rhinestone is more brighter than CKR. We are not showing the price on the website. If you demand for the price, please e-mail your requirements including size and stock design number to our sale representations. We will send the representation's e-mail to you. Thanking for your questions. Have a nice day!

2756 Day ago
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