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Will the rhinestone transfers be sticky on the plastic?

in Iron on Transfers Knowledge - 4 answer - 3186 Day ago
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It depends. Generally, the transfers can't be applied to plastics. What kind of plastic are you talking about? The technical specification of each kind of plastic varies widely. Because the glue on the back of the rhinestones can get melted at the temperature of about 180 ℃. And most of ordinary plastic can be heated and melted at a temperature from 120 ℃ to 175℃, which means it can't bear the required temperature to apply the transfers and will lead to being melted or burned before the glue starts to work. But if u use the high-temperature endurable materials, it'll be OK.

3186 Day ago
Thank you for coming to CSTOWN for assistance. In you question, the "plastic", do you mean the colored paper and clear paper where the rhinestone transfer is placed when you get your product delivery? If it is what you mean, you don't have to worry about it at all. Our products will be transferred to the shirts or other clothes you want to decorate by using an iron to apply it. If you are still not sure about the application process, you can refer to the following link for detail: https://www.cstown.com/how-to-iron-on.html

3200 Day ago
No they will not. Because their rhinestone motives are iron on used. So you cannot put it on plastic surfices.

3209 Day ago
Their rhinestone transfers are not sticky ones but hot-fix ones. We must use a heat press machine or an iron to fix them onto fabrics. So they cannot be used on plastics.

3216 Day ago
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