April 11,2013

Mother’s Day New Arrivals—Iron on Designs for May 12th

2013 Mother’s Day is on May 12th. Mother’s Day is a celebration honoring mothers and motherhood and the influence of mothers in society. The modern holiday of Mother’s Day was first celebrated in 1908, when Anna Jarvis held a memorial for her mother in America. She then began a campaign to make “Mother’s Day” a recognized holiday in the United States. It is finally set on the second Sunday in May.


On this day for all the moms, our designers have specially designed a range of hot fix patterns. This time multi-material is our major feature. Warmly pinky colors and sparkling effects are all well accent the atmosphere.

The first one is the spelling of the word “Mom” made of glitters, rhinestones and shaped nail head. The shiny pink glitters formed the two “M” letters, while the letter “O” is replaced by a bunch of carnation made of rhinestones and shaped nail head, because carnation is the typical present for moms on this day.

The second one is also a “MOM” shaped design. The difference is the letter “O” has changed into a pink rhinestone circle with a heart inside, with two birds resembles the parentage of moms and children.

The third on is simply a MOM construction, while the material is very special. We mainly used heart shaped nail head to form the letters. And at the bottom “Love you forever” is just perfect as a gift from sons or daughters for moms.

We have two designs on “BEST MOM”. First one is all made of shaped nail heads. These are for the moms that are not likely to be very spark. This is a low-keyed decoration. Another one is for younger moms. With silver glitters and lively colors, even the children can have one and wear with moms as a parentage wear on the special day.

As for our final group, we have a “love you mom” series. The first one is Love Mom words with a heart in between, the special part is there are two hands in the heart, a big one which symbolize the mother’s guide and support; a little one which symbolize the children’s love and trust.
Similar as the hand one, we have a pair of footprint designs. This pattern is suitable not only for this special day. The lovely and meaningful design on a shirt won’t make anyone feel wired whenever people go out in them.
The last one is a little lovely design for both moms and children. A simple mom full of love with the colorful rhinestones will be great decoration for clothes.
You can always choose two from our designs to make a pair of parentage wear, whether the same two or different, the theme will be the same. Choose now to celebrate with your moms!
See our designs on Mother’ s Day at https://www.cstown.com/finest-mother-s-day-designs.html
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