May 21,2013

Tips For Using Rhinestone Transfer Templates

Rhinestone Transfers are one of the most beautiful things in the recent years’ fashion field, but they are also hard to DIY. Though I know that an automated rhinestone machine takes less than 20 minutes to make one complex rhinestone transfer template, it takes you a little time to figure out how to use templates. Don’t you be discouraged, all you need to do is to take your time and be patient. I will be here to help!

Your first design must be simple so you can have a good start.  But what is a complex or advanced design? Should we stay away from them? It would be a quite filled design, or some design with multiple stone colors or sizes. Get some small rhinestone transfer templates done before going to make more complex designs, and if not, you may become really frustrated.

Here I give you some tips.
No one is born to make rhinestone transfers. If you don't like small intricate and detailed work, i will gladly make the transfers for you. If yo find your rhinestones sticking in your rhinestone transfer templates, here are some tips for your reference.

Don’t press the rhinestones in too hard.
I used to push the stones in and then lay the tape over, if you use a rag transfer tape. I didn’t push down on an outline design, but I let the tape do the work. You can pick the stone using some weeding tool (or some dental tool), thrust it in the hole to move it, and then you can try to pick up the stones.  This way you have made sure that all facets up right are the round sides.

How should I begin to roll the tape off with stones attached?
I start in the lower left hand corner, and then start to roll from that corner to the upper right hand corner. Till today I don’t know the reason but it did work. Please see the number rhinestone transfer below. 

Another question is, when you brush the rhinestones, some of them are lying upside down! Make sure that you use round movements to place the rhinestones in the rhinestone transfer templates. If you just brush them in without any laws, they will probably go in the wrong side up. Circular movements will help a lot to keep them to the right side.

The more rhinestones you work with, the better the final results will be, as the stones affect against each other to crowd the stones into place. For the last kind remind, please always keep it in mind: be patient and enjoy the process.

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