August 28,2014

Reflection of Pirate History --- Pirate Rhinestone Transfers

The history of pirates is very ancient. It is said: ever since the day ships were invented, pirates were there! The first recorded pirate can be traced back to 1350 BC and was found on a piece of clay tablet.
After the 16th century, almost where there were coastal areas with developed commerce, there were pirates. It was called the golden age of pirates.
Jack Sparrow in Pirate of the Caribbean
The Golden Age of Pirates
In 16th century, with the new sea-route opened up, the colonial expansion, the maritime trade prosperity, the waters all over the world were infested with busy ships full of gold and goods. 
Commerce Ships
The competition of scrambling interests and colonies between different countries bred the growth of piracy. Especially the issuance of privateer license started to “legalize” it. Countries like Britain and Spain used these privateer licenses to increase their navy power without any invest in budget, to protect their territorial waters.
During this pirates’ golden age, when freedom and honor were both valued, gun roars and cradewinds were both flying, a group of well known pirate leaders emerged: Captain Kidd, the real historic pirate who was even awarded by the Queen of England; “Blackbeard” Edward Teach, a crazy and mad pirate that robbed British Royal Navy and made the whole Atlantic coast in terror; “Black Baronet” Bartholomew Roberts, the greatest and last pirate in the golden age…
Blackbeard Edward Teach
The Wane of Pirates
With the advent of the Industrial Age, the naval power got much strengthened and the coastal patrol became strict, pirates no longer had the glory and got almost vanished in a long time from the end of the 18th century to the early 19th century.
However, they didn’t just disappeared. In a summer day of 1981, a “ghost ship” was found near the Bahamas Islands, hanging a full sail, the sides covered with bullet holes, the deck full of blood and didn’t reply to any signal. As researched, it was called Callia 3 and had sent a distress message two days ago, saying they were attacked by 4 yachts with no marks.
Pirate Attack
All this showed a resurgence of the pirates! Moreover, because of the faster ships and more powerful weapons, the pirates became more mysterious and more pestilent.
Pirate in New Times
Pirate Fashionable Elements Today
The particularity and mystique of the pirates make them become a legendary and even a magical figure with us. All kinds of pirate movies, TV series, animations, music and even fashion designs are everywhere. And the skull pirate flags, the black pirate hats, the one-eye pirate faces and the pirate blades are becoming popular fashionable elements!
Pirate Skull & Blades
We have dozens of shimmery pirate themed rhinestone transfers. You can choose the best one for yourself and iron it onto your cool t-shirt and go for your favorite rock concert in it. 
Come on and rock your t-shirt. Show your unique and cool taste with our cool pirate bling transfers!
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