March 25,2015

Ring --- the Evidence of Love

  “I want to take this man/woman to my lawful wedded husband/wife, to love him/her and cherish him/her for better or worse, for poorer and richer.” 

Wedding Ring
  Is this sentence familiar to you? This indispensable step in wedding demonstrates sanctity and romance of love between a newly married couple. Meanwhile, the couple change and wear their love evidences for each other. That is ring. 
A small ring means a solemn promise
  Ring has its own specially emblematical meaning in most people’s imaging: that is love!!
Circle the sweet love
When your lover is wearing the sparkle ring for you slowly, the ring becomes the evidence that the pledge for cherish, protection and forever love will make into effect from now. Most beautiful brides may be thirsty to hold every piece of glimmer love and happiness in her hands during her life. The ring will melt two individual bodies into one and connect the couples’ hearts in one string. What a dreamy romantic item for couples it is!
From now on, we are an integral person
  Many businesses make an unforgettable story or belief of love beneath their brands to stimulate customers’ purchasing desire.  Here are some top brands for making rings, such as Cartier, Tiffany&Co, Bvlgary, VanCleef&Arples, HarryWinston, DERIER, Damiani, Boucheron, MIKIMOTO and SWAROVSKI.  Profound culture and characteristic design derived the quintessence from the long and meaningful history of these famous brands, holding the belief? that they must not make do with what they have but to constantly strive for excellence. 
Please marry me
  Darry Ring
  The brand concept meets every couples’ psychology that only one ring for only love of my life. Every man can use his certification to order only one ring for his bride in his whole life.  Without you there is no love in the world. - No pledge can compare with it. Imagine this scene, the excited tears of the bride streaming down her face. No girl can  stay unmoved by this romantic quiet pledge  from the bridegroom delivered by a Darry Ring.
From now on, we are an integral person
  This brand began at a love story actually. When Vancleef & Arples was founded in Italy in 1906, it was so welcomed by the nobles and celebrities adults all over the world. The founders of this brand is Estelle Arpels and Alfred VanCleef, two persons from Netherlands, who got married when they met and  opened Vancleer & Arples together. This is also a sweet happy feeling through the bitter suffering of the couples. The ring witnessed the couple’s  struggling  days and the importance of mutual encouragement, believing and support.
Wedding Day
  After learning about the knowledge of rings, we often take the ring as a romantic and love element in our fashion life. It can be ironed on the clothes as a surprising bling decoration as well. Please join us and enjoy the iron-on rhinestone transfer ring collection
  Where is your Mr.Right? Have you found him or her?
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