March 19,2013

Steps on How to Make Your Own Rhinestone Transfers

Rhinestone iron on transfers can add an extra charm to any garment. Making your own rhinestone transfers can ignite your creativity and design the pattern that fits your personality best. Additionally, it is pretty eco-friendly as you can reuse or recycle a garment, but that might need a little sprucing up. Fortunately, making a rhinestone transfer is a fairly easy process, as it is time-saving as well as energy-saving. With a little preparation, you can have a garment with personal meanings.


1 On how to make rhinestone transfer, the first step is to open the photo-editing program and browse for the digital version of the photo that you want to use. If the photo is not already in digital format, be sure to scan it in first. Also be sure to use the measurement tool in the program so that you can see the size of the pattern you are using.

2 Select the Layer tool to create a new layer in the photo-editing program. This layer will allow you to place the dots for the rhinestones over the pattern on the photo that you selected. Select the tool for the brush, and adjust the size of the brush tool to suit the size of the rhinestones that you want to use. The size might be anywhere from two millimeters to seven millimeters, with three and four millimeters being the most standard.

3 Begin placing the dots in the pattern. Be sure that each dot is approximately the same distance from the others to avoid any overlap or to avoid excess spaces in the pattern.

4 Open the Layer function again and remove the original layer with the photo pattern. This will allow you to see just the hotfix rhinestone-dot pattern against a white background and to check for any spaces or areas that you would like to correct. Make the necessary adjustments by adding the original layer back to the image and creating the dots with the brush tool. Once you have verified that the image is to your preference, turn it over (inverting it with the Rotate feature), and print it.

5 Trim the transfer film for the pattern, making it anywhere from a half-inch to an inch larger than the pattern that you are using. Peel off the transfer paper backing and set it on top of the pattern. Leave the adhesive side on top.


6 Add the rhinestones to the transfer paper, leaving the bottom of the rhinestone on top (with the glue side off the transfer paper). Check to make sure the pattern looks just like you want it.

7 Preheat your iron and set the transfer paper, with the rhinestones now attached to it, onto the garment where you want it. Make sure the adhesive side of the transfer paper is placed onto the garment. Set the Teflon paper over the transfer paper pattern, and iron the rhinestones down. The iron will need to be very hot, on a cotton or wool setting. Hold the iron down for anywhere from 10 to 20 seconds.

8 Remove the Teflon paper and give the garment a few minutes to cool. Once you feel like it is cool enough, pull the transfer paper off. If the transfer paper pulls off the rhinestones, it is not cool enough yet or might need to be heated with the iron again.

This way you know exactly how to make rhinestone transfers if you follow these steps well.


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