April 25,2013

Rhinestuds vs Rhinestones--Customize Your Own Sparkle Shirts

Spring comes again and it’s time for reorganizing your wardrobe. Some shirts from last year seem not that attractive anymore. Spend more money to buy some new ones and throw these away? Not very economical. Spend less to buy some decorations and give your shirts a rebirth is the best way of dealing with them. Customized rhinestone shirts can meet your needs here. For the adding materials, we suggest rhinestones and rhinestuds for creating different feelings for your shirts.


The first thing we need to do is to cut your shirt into a shape that satisfies you. Make the collar wider with an irregular cutting, an uneven hemming, one with short sleeve one sleeveless, or just have some cuts in the body of the shirt.

The next step we should do is to add some decorations. Both sparkling rhinestones and metal feeling rhinestuds are great for adding bling to your shirts. But what are the differences between rhinestones and rhinestuds?


Rhinestones are beautiful crystal gems that come in a number of colors and sizes. They have a glue backing and stick to many garments via heat press to melt the glue to the fabric. Rhinestones are clear and colored and look like real gemstones added to clothing. They look great on dark colored shirts and adding bling and elegance to light colored garments.


Rhinestuds are faceted to reflect light. They give the appearance of metallic rhinestones. They are made of aluminum. Rhinestuds are great for adding bling to shirts without using gems.

On learning the difference between rhinestones and rhinestuds, now we can design our shirts. Choose proper patterns for your shirts. If you want to add sparkling blings to your shirts to make them attractive you can choose rhinestones. They are perfect for every pattern, just choose the colors carefully. Since it is a DIY shirt, some big patterns are suggested such as animal transfers or classic graphic transfers designs such as cross or skulls.


If you like more of an ancient feeling decoration, then rhinestuds are recommended. They are great to create metallic look and patterns with rhinestuds will give an exotic feeling to the wearer. You can check our thanksgiving designs for the effect of rhinestuds. Most of them are designed with rhinestuds.

Want to learn more about rhinestones and rhinestuds? Visit our website https://www.cstown.com/

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