September 29,2017

New Printable Material Bringing Huge Revolution

CSTOWN developed new printable glitter and PU. Non-printable material can be applied through brand new craft. That’s huge revolution in heat transfer.
If you want to know the difference between the old and the new, you have to learn the traditional craft firstly.  
Traditional Craft 
In theory, making a colorful glitter or PU hot transfers, we have to cut it into specific shape and put it together into one piece by color. In fact, it’s impossible and difficult for us to do that. In other words, we are not able to print glitter and PU.
New Printable Material
There are three types of material, including white glitter, reflective silver PU and white PU. 3 types of material  can be colored and cut by new printing technology. However complex it is , the pattern can be printed completely. We don’t use more material to make one pattern. 
You can feel the dignity from them. What’s more important, matched with new craft, the vivid transfers show you the true feeling.
New Technology 
New technology is on the basis of new printing equipment. This new equipment is widely used in the world for printing graphic design. 
Able to print on uncoated PVC media as well as a full range of coated substrates from paper and canvas to backlit film
Performs as printer, printer/cutter, or standalone vinyl cutter
Requires no expensive die cutter for decal production
Includes Roland's unique optical registration system, Quadralign, for cutting laminated graphics, even with skew and distortion.
Requires no expensive, high-maintenance ventilation equipment
ECO-SOL INK is gentle for both users and the environment
Includes Roland COLORIP (RCR) for precision color management
Comes with an easy-to-use Windows driver (compatible with Windows 2000/XP) and USB connection
Graphics are UV, scratch, and water resistant up to 3-years outdoors
Outstanding print quality for indoors with variable droplet technology and up to 1440 dpi resolution
Built-in intelligent media heating system controlled easily either from RCR or the Windows driver
Meets ENERGY STAR guidelines
This Versa-CAMM machine help us print glitter and PU, and cut it into the specific shape we need. That’s very convenient and easy to operate.
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